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This wiki deals with Classic VPython (VPython 6), which continues to be available but is no longer supported. See vpython.org for information on installing VPython 7 or using GlowScript VPython. Documentation is available at glowscript.org by clicking Help.

You are at the VPython wiki site, a place to distribute information about VPython. This site is based on and includes a number of links to the main VPython site, http://www.vpython.org.

Members of the site are encouraged to use the forums to ask questions and post answers, and create new pages to develop shared ideas and projects. Many pages include a "Comments" section at the bottom (including this one!) to make it easy to give feedback on the page.

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What is VPython?

VPython is a package that includes:

  • the Python programming language
  • the IDLE interactive development environment
  • "Visual", a Python module that offers real-time 3D output, and is easily usable by novice programmers
  • "numpy", a Python module for fast processing of arrays (replaces Numeric that was formerly supported by Python)

VPython is free and open-source.

For main VPython links, go to the VPython site

Other VPython and Python Links

The Python language
The povexport module by Ruth Chabay can export a VPython scene to POV-Ray; see the Contributed section of vpython.org For VPython developers
Matter & Interactions
intro physics with VPython
Contributed programs from users The cT Archives
Erik Thompson's video introduction to VPython Python entry about VPython projects
New instructional videos by Shawn Weatherford and Jeff Polak: Search for "vpythonvideos" at YouTube

Major Contributors to VPython

  • David Scherer, David Andersen, Jonathan Brandmeyer, Ruth Chabay, Ari Heitner, Ian Peters, Bruce Sherwood.
  • Others who have contributed significant code to the Visual module include Shawn Press, Hugh Fisher, John Zelle, Arthur Siegel, and Michael Temkine. See Recent developments for details.

Write to ude.uscn|doowrehS_ecurB#doowrehS ecurB if you don't find what you need, or to tell us how you are using VPython.

The development of VPython was supported in part by the National Science Foundation.

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